Some data currently exported by the Blender add-on include:

  • Geometry import and export with their modifiers, keyed and physics animation
  • Add POV specific non mesh primitives (never show tesselation)
  • Instances
  • Hair particles
  • Smoke simulations
  • Atmospheric media (volume fog)
  • HDRI environment mapping
  • Aperture depth of field
  • Material properties such as filtering, emission, translucency, subsurface
  • Scattering, glass fog (tinted absorption), blurry/glossy reflections…
  • Procedural textures (emulated from Blender Internal and POV native)
  • Image textures
  • Texture influence channels: Alpha ; Diffuse ; Bump ; Specular ; Mirror (uses same channel as specular)
  • Global Illumination: Radiosity (Indirect Lighting) ; Photons caustics (reflect/refract); meshlights
  • Volumetrics and media (scattering/absorbing)
  • Blurry reflections(uberpov)
  • Custom POV code input giving access to any POV feature not supported by the exporter.

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