Happy birthday, POV Converter!

10th birthday … And next release of the Persistence of Vision Blender add-on ! Starting at 00:00 on August the 2nd, and happening on-line, the event will be immediately followed by a post-release bug hunt up to august the 7th, 00:00…

And from then, by a documentation “Summer refresh” !

Follow @povconverter Facebook page to take part.


The Persistence Of Vision exporter is shipped with every official Blender release, so you can start using it directly.

However, after checking the logs of every commit to the source of the script for new features or bug fixes, if you find out you need an update,

  • You can download all the script at once by clicking snapshot here:


  • or download a fresh blender build including scripts from generally a few days before here:


Quick Start

1. Go to the menu File » User Preferences.  
Choose the Add-Ons tab and check Persistence of Vision down the list of render Add-Ons.
2. Choose Persistence of Vision from renderer choices.POV_start02
3. Then you can render as usual with the Image render menu or its shortcut (F12 in default layout)POV_start03
The image will be rendered according to parameters set in the Properties Window.Main global render settings for instance can be changed in the Render tab.But there are also properties for environment, material (textures), object, etc. all accessible in neighboring tabs contextually depending on selected object (geometry, camera, light…)POV_start04
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