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Per Engine Features*POV-RayUberPOV
Full Spectral Resolution:noyes (under development)
Alpha Mapping:yesyes
Bump Mapping:yesyes
Normal Mapping:nono
Displacement Mapping:nono
Motion Blur:noyes
Sub Surface Scattering (SSS):yesyes
Volumetric Scattering (Medium):yesyes
Blurred Reflections:yes (very tricky)yes
Clay Render:yesyes
Depth of Field:yesyes
Material Layering:yesyes
Thin Film Coating:yesyes
Thin Film Interference:yesyes
Complex IOR Files:nono
Coating Thickness Absorption:yesyes
Custom Reflectance 90:yesyes
Custom Fresnel Curve:yes(tricky)yes(tricky)
Sigma Texture:yesyes
Sun-Pool Caustics:yesyes
Ambient Occlusion:no (tricky)yes (under developement)
Lens Shift:yesyes
Diaphragm Circular/Polygonal:yesyes
Per-Model Texture Coordinates:yesyes
Texture Projection Modes:yesyes
Front/Camera Mapping:yes(tricky)yes(tricky)
Multiple UV Channels:nono
Texture Tone Mapping:yes(tricky)yes(tricky)
Procedural Textures:yesyes
Texture Layering:yesyes
Synthesis Texture Layering:yesyes
Point Lighting:yesyes
Mesh Lighting:yesyes
Image-based Lighting:yesyes
Physical Sun/Sky:yes(tricky)yes(tricky)
HDRI Support:yesyes
IES Support:nono
Instance Support:yesyes
Resume/Merge Render:yesyes
Interactive Render:yesyes
Vignetting / Bloom / Glare (Post):yes(tricky)yes(tricky)
Camera Response CRF (Post):nono
Color Balance (Post):nono
Region Rendering:yesyes
Passive Emitter:yesyes
Invisible Emitter:yesyes
Invisible Model:yesyes
Shadowless Model:yesyes
Shadowless Point Lights:yesyes
Bucket Rendering:yesyes
* Development versions also implement micro-polygons displacement and motion blur basis in the form of a ghosting feature.